WWE Brief

Our next very exciting brief WWE!

Our next brief is to maintain relevant positioning towards next generation fans (7-14year olds) This is a very open brief, to start this brief off, I did research into what WWE do for kids.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.13.11.png

Here are merchandise they do for kids. They have clothes, key rings etc. I then decided to do research into kids and online content.


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.16.41.png

After doing some research, I found out that kids are spending more time online due to the development of technology. And from my experiences, all my younger siblings and family members, are always on youtube watching mine craft, or WWE, watching people play games and do things. Looking from this, we can tell kids they are absorbing a lot of online content. So I and Anya came up with an idea that will allow kids to let out the content from their head out physically.

Our first Concept is: Kids coaching wrestlers, a pre-recorded weekly TV Show. Kid’s will be invited in weekly, to have a chance to coach wrestlers in matches. A kid’s dream come true idea. I feel like this idea, is a very successful one, because for sure parents will let them sign up to join, because they are moving away from the screen, and it will be a kids dream come true. Every parent will love to fulfil their kid’s dream.

Our first concept was inspired by Pokemon. The mechanics will be similar to Pokemon, so when the kids coach the wrestlers during the match, each team will have to announce their moves first before attacking because if not, the kids will go crazy and it may be a bias game, as one may be quicker than the other. However this concept is to help kids move away from the computer but do something active, fun, engaging.

We also thought, we could also produce game cards like Pokemon cards, and Yougioh Cards. Where kids can go out from their houses, and play out in the gardens with their neighbours, be more sociable. I also think parents will be willing to buy these card’s for their kids.

I came up with another idea, called thumb war, however, I found out the game already exists on WWE. This concept is a good concept because even till now I still play thumb wars with my mate. It also relative to WWE.

We then came up with a second idea which is:

Second Concept: Become a wrestler, inspired by The Sims, where kids will create their own characters and experience the life of wrestlers, and they would progress to a champion by fighting to earn points. Which shows you the steps, and levels to become a wrestler. Its also a way giving kids information, and feeding them content while having fun.

Our second idea was inspired by The Sims, When I was younger, I loved playing Sims, and it’s a fun game. Therefore we strongly believe that the game will be suitable for the target audience, and it will attract a lot of people, even adults.

Here is the powerpoint:

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Overall this brief was a very interesting one, I liked it because I was able to use my personal experiences and research into finding a concept for this brief. What I found successful was coming up with our ideas of kids coaching wrestlers and The Sims, because we all once wanted to do something similar, and play something similar too. The pitch went very well, Me and Anya, we were prepared, confident with our ideas. The last few weeks of pitching also gave us a boost, and were always improving from every pitch.


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