Corndel, Last Brief

TA DA! Our last brief, pitch for this term.

Its been a very intense term, and we have concluded to this last exciting brief from Corndel, an new established business that does Software training.

Our brief was to:

Raise awareness of Corndel targeted at higher, status people.

I worked with Cindy, for this brief and we did some research to start with.

We looked at other companies that were creating posters, visuals. We looked at the share centre which is an independent UK retail stockbroker.


We liked the posters, and how clean it looks, suitable for target audiences that are more prestigious. So me and Cindy, wanted to design, so we had to think of an art direction, and came up with double meaning posters. I love double meaning posters, they are fun, creative and different. It can deliver two messages as once.

We was inspired by

Noma Bar.

Avinoam Noma Bar is an Israel-born graphic designer, illustrator and artist. His work has appeared in many media publications including: Time Out London, BBC, Random House etc. His work is amazing, and I love his illustrations.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 22.22.57.png

Me and cindy we did some planning and brain storming thinking what two images could merge to create a double meaning posters. We then thought of items associated with software training. We thought of out concept which is invest in people’s future.  Came up with ideas for double meaning posters and created them. Creating visuals to allow the target audience understand better than having 1000 words on posters. We then thought of money, levels, tie, shirts, computer etc and created these posters.

Second poster

For this poster, we came up with with the idea of human being a piggy bank, so the idea is investing saving money into people, this will make people stay loyal.

These are posters on social media! We put them on linkin and twitter because its more professional and target audience are different than on any other social media platform. social me 2Social media1

First poster1 .jpg

This idea, is people on stacks of coins, showing the more you invest the higher they’ll get.

cap poster copy

This poster is a cool visual, showing graduating as a software trainer. hand poster copy

A poster that shows support, raise your hand to be the next generation of great software engineers.tailored poster copy

Corndel, they tailor their training depending on different businesses. So we wanted to show this, because its important as companies wouldn’t need to worry that what Corndel train will be different to what the companies need.

We also did a very formal newsletter shown in our powerpoint. Newsletter are very important, it attracts target audience, and copywriting is a vital part aswell.

This is our presentation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall for this brief it was fun, because we also did copywriting.What I found successful  was creating the posters because I loved it. The pitch also went well, we pitched it within two minutes and client asked no questions. For this whole term I really enjoyed it, because we did a mix of media and answered different briefs that gave us a better insight into different sectors. Our clients were all different so the way we pitched and tone of voice had to change to adjust it to our clients so communication would be better. I also learnt a lot, I learnt how to pitch, I became more confident in creating a storyboard, filming, planning, researching and how to put a good presentation together. I feel like all these skills will be very important for next term and future when I start working in the industry. But there are still a lot to improve.



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