Zakti Brief

Our next client was a very interesting and very different as we did not create anything but we had to come up with a strategy for the company which was to find a new face in replacement of Kimerbely Watts. The brief was a problem-solving one which I found really interesting because were able to explore and work on another aspect of advertising, not just the creative side.

So I did a lot of research into existing retails that were looking for new faces. here is the PDF of my research. my favorite campaign was with clinique as they used influencers and bloggers to be their new face. So for my idea, I wanted to create an emotive content. For example using mothers and their kids as the new face as it will create more feelings into the brand.

Here are the list of websites I visited:


realistic portrait of the young, enterprising, thoroughly modern woman

proving that diversity is a good thing

Zakti Brief

My campaign name is We are Young. Using mothers and kids enjoying sports. For my campaign mechanics, it will be via social media. So for parents and their kids to sign up they will need to sign up through Instagram by posting a video of them doing something fun and then tag #weareyoung. Then, later on, we will gather all the entries and they will come in and we will set a series of activities such bench ball, dodge ball and then we will record and post them on social media where the public will vote in the comments. Every participant will be wearing a bib with a number on which can help viewers identify them.

In the brief, we had to create a timeline of implementation and it was a bit hard at first because I have never held an event and wouldn’t really know how long it would take to do certain activities, but doing thorough research, I was able to calculate how long it would take, which is roughly around 2 months. I designed my own timeline.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 15.20.21.png

Here is my presentation:

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Overall this brief was a good experience, allowed me to have a better insight into strategic planning, where this brief was a live brief. What went well with this brief was that, I felt like my content strategy and timeline was well laid out, and done because I did thorough research into others content strategy and it was all business terms and more complicated. I leant something and to have a content strategy I had to make sure its in the right content because our digital world has become a very crowded place. I needed to make sure the competition was right, it wouldn’t get confused with other similar campaigns. To conclude it was a cool brief and I did enjoy it.


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