Vidsy, 20-Second Video


After the generator brief, Vidsy was the next client that briefed us. This brief was similar to the other two briefs! Creating content (filming) again!

For this brief, we had to come up with a story, content for a 20-second video. This meant every scene was crucial and important. For the project, I worked with kayshan. We did a lot of planning and came up with different stories and ideas. We then came up with a final idea which was deer hunting. From experience I didn’t know London could have deer, so we were inspired by easter hunting so we thought we could create a deer hunting content.

First I did some research into short clips.

I looked into short funny clips, I was researching to see what is their first scene because the first scene is really important because it has to catch audiences attention.

Our concept is :

Our  idea is a story of a Londoner, travelling to search for deers. Similar to easter hunting, She goes around Richmond park and look for deers, however on the way she sees other nature like birds, ducks, trees, flower etc. Showing the beauty of the park.

We went to Richmond Park and did some filming. I was the cameraman and kayshan did the directing. It was great fun because we didn’t know where the deers were. So our 20-second video was realistic and was our actual experience.

Overall editing the video was fun, I did the first 10 seconds which I found difficult because after filming we had to pick the most important scenes as it was not enough time to fit into 20seconds however, there are areas where I could have improved as the film was shaking a lot, I think next time we will bring a tripod to film so there would be less shakiness. But I enjoyed making the content.

Vidsy video Link:

ThIs is our final film link:

Overall this brief was another fun brief, as we did some work for them in our first year. We really enjoy making short video. For this brief we didn’t have to pitch but had to upload it onto their website. We received some feedback, they liked our video however it was too shaky maybe because we didn’t have a tripod. They also said we could of improved our tag line in which we will think more thoroughly next time. What I learnt from this brief are five creative steps they gave us about making content for a short video:

1.Be quick

2. Sound off

3. Think of the frame

4.Tell a story

5. Give it context

These are the main pointers in which I will find very helpful for future references, especially posting content on social media.


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