Generator Hostel Story board and final Video

This is my final video that I filmed:

I love filming and editing, It is one of my interest. So creating this one minute campaign video was a lot of fun. I tried to make long clips short and try to put in all the personalities in, and show there interest in just one minute. Making this video, the main thing I wanted to do was to be able to bring the brand out and able to show what the brand is about and what is generator hostel without words but visuals and emotions.

I came up with a few ideas. I was inspired by the hostel as it is very different to what you hear and expect. Because hostel already has a negative image where as Generator is different as they give experience to the people that come. The hostel is a place where everyone can be themselves and it is also for everybody.  I then thought of Mr. Men. I loved the characters how they represent different moods. So I thought about creating a content with four friends with different personality, and they explore the city together starting from Generator Hostel.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 20.54.32.png

The first scene will be individual shots of each character which will show their interests and personality. They are going to be all medium shots. Next scene will be where everyone rushes out to explore where one is in her room reading her book because that is her interest. I want to show that you can do whatever you want.

Overall This brief was my favourite brief, because I really enjoyed myself. I was very prepared for this pitch, and from my feedback I felt confident, because my tutor said I was enjoying myself while pitching. So from this pitch, it gave me a confident boost, and  my next pitches, I am going to have fun while pitching. I was asked questions, and I answered them, but I wasn’t really prepared. I loved creating and filming for this brief, as it is what I want to do in the future. This brief gave me a little feel of what it is like when working in the industry, you will have the chance to travel, answer briefs, and create amazing stuff. What went well was the pitch, my idea fulfilled and answered the emotive side of the brief.

This is my presentation

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