Generator hostel : Research ideas

Next brief was a very different brief to the first Barclays because it is more an open brief as we have to come up with a content whereas Barclays told us what they wanted. For this brief we have to create a 60-second video about how Generator Hostel is different to any hostel, as it is a place where you can be who you are, there is a social place for you, it is near the cities attraction and they also have great food. The main point about this brief is that we need to create a video that could emotionally link the target audience to the brand.

So I looked at Airb&b ad and I loved how the main character was able to go from another city to another and the transformation was beautiful. I wanted my visual to be similar because I came up with my idea which is where there will be four friends with different personality, race and interests. They go and explore the city starting at generator hostel itself because Generator Hostel, is art itself, as it is inspired by the city.


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