Final Barclays idea

My final concept for this brief is :

The man with no identity with identity.

A man with no identity steals a young girls identity by following her around while him being invisible which is a visual metaphor of digital footprints online. He steals her identity by saving her data on a USB and then transferring the data to himself by putting the USB in him.

My idea is quite a realistic story because when we were young, we’re not warned about data protection or digital footprint. The things we do may have a long term negative affect. So my story is based on everyone’s everyday life and the little things we do online could allow someone take our data. Overall for this brief, it has been interesting and I enjoyed creating my storyboard.

Here is my storyboard:


This is my presentation:

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Overall, I pitched my idea to the client, and I felt like I could of pitched it better because I didn’t have a structure and I only pitched the beginning and middle of the storyboard. Then my client asked me what was the ending. But I really like my idea, because it’s different and its relative to everyday situation. If I could pitch again, I would be more prepared. What I enjoyed the most about this brief, was doing my storyboard, I had a lot of fun and had to change few things from my first draft.


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