Ideas for the Storyboard!

After doing research and with a brief a week, I started coming up with ideas for this project.

I wrote down some special keywords such as reveal which I then expanded into keywords such as secrets, skeleton, nudity, naked etc. And with identity thief, I came up with triplets, twins, unique, secrets. I then came up with storyboard ideas and here are content I have created:

  1. My first idea was to have a mixture of people in different age group, going online, making their profile public, buying stuff, writing down email, home address etc. and then slowly everyones shot will be put into one screen, creating a video collage, more and more people will join and then one by one everyone face will be a blur. The end will be a cliff hanger that will say, find out more on … . com.
  2. The second idea is where it will start off with a person with no identity, could be wearing all black clothes in the dark or will have a fuzzy look. That person will be searching for someone online to steal their information to take their identity. And then he finds someone who posts their whole life story there. Then the next scene will be the person who posts everything online, and you see how she reveals her identity her data online and then the last scene you will use the person behind the screen putting a cable that connects the computer and the person. The person is stealing her identity online and the person becomes that person.
  3. My third idea I came up with was there could be a person who sells identity and data. So there’s a workshop where people steals identities and build up this robot. that looks identical to the person who they steal identity off.
  4. A two-sided story, split screen. where on a side is a digital copy of the real person which will be on the other side. The digital side meets people in the public, and the public people greets the fake identity, but the fake identity gives the weird look which destroys the person’s reputation. Then when the real person walks pass the same member of the public and greets them they give her the weird look. Then she has a flashback which she remembers all her embarrassing post etc. This video purpose is to explain to be careful in what u post or do because it can ruin a person identity, and everyone has pride.
  5. From my experiences, I have received a lot of fake tax refund emails. And this was caused by me putting myself so much data online that random people started sending me emails that were frauds. So I was thinking I could base my idea on this where someone fills a fraud piece online and they loose everything they have, then a flashback shows her digital footprint.
  6. Another idea I have is where there will be a footprint that follows a person around. The scene will be the person on her phone walking around buying clothes, doing contactless etc. The more she does online, the bigger the footprint gets or darker, therefore, her footprint could be easily traced. Any anyone can find her, therefore more chance of identity thief.

Those are my video content ideas, they are quite similar as they link. I was inspired by the series black mirror as they have really cool techs idea and effects.


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