Term 3 First Brief- Barclays Research

This First day back from Easter we went to Barclay’s head quarters for a new brief. We were given the brief which was to create a story board for a film about digital footprint aiming at under 40 years old. As digital footprint is very important for everyone because its data and it can be stolen therefore someone wouldn’t know who is who. And it is more aimed at younger generation because of social media, as it’s a platform where we put all our information which is very dangerous.

I did some research on existing campaigns.

This is my favourite existing campaign as it shows identity thief.

This campaign is more of an educational campaign, that alerts audience.

This is one Barclays ad that explains cyber crime.

A EU justice and consumers campaign about data protection too and putting all your data online.

This is a campaign that warns the importance of privacy.

Here are a list of ways to protect ourselves against identity thief.

  • Reading terms and conditions before ticking
  • Giving out email/telephone number
  • Reading and accepting cookies
  • Strengthening passwords – Have more than 1 password
  • Do not keep all sensitive information on one platform/device
  • Do not keep sensitive information on the cloud
  • Use reliable platforms/services for file sharing
  • Keep check on your credit history
  • Don’t save credit card information to websites
  • Phone blocker on cold callers
  • Understand the difference between personal and sensitive data and use them appropriately
  • Install Antivirus’
  • Take setting off autofill
  • Make sure the site is secured – Use of HTTPS
  • Social media privacy settings
  • Check for fake phishing website adresses
  • Spotting a scam/spam/ popups
  • Bank statements/ sensitive documents- dispose of them properly
  • Reporting suspicious behaviour online
  • Turn on your firewall
  • The use of encryption

Overall I felt like this campaigns, short ads were sending a message but was not as good as expected. But my research had a lot of helpful information in which I didn’t know and the videos inspired me.




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