Film overview…


After writing my script creating my story board. I finally executed my idea into a movie. And this movie was unsuccessful because the quality was not as expected. My ISO on my camera was too high therefore there was too much grains and the film was too shaky. I felt like the movie didn’t tell the story as I wanted so I amended the film and changed the film time. As this film is set in the future but it didn’t look futuristic enough. So my new film idea will be set in the past. And the genre will be comedy instead of romance. I also noticed my actor was not as good in being sad or romantic. But he had an natural comedian act. For my next film, I am going to turn the ISO down not more than 800. Try not to shake while filming.

I then started rewriting my script.

The Phonemance


That is my final script for my second Movie, There is no dialogue but its all description of what the story is about.

First StoryboardSecond Storyboardfullsizeoutput_564

This is my final Hand drawn storyboard. For my storyboard, I written down different shots as I did research onto different shots. I then wrote little description down of what the characters are doing. I really enjoying doing the storyboard because it led to my excitement of executing it.

I created a moodboard for the film. These are my inspiration, These were films I reflected back to and had in my head while I was shooting.

This is my final film: The Phonemance.

The location fro my film was around London, in canary wharf, southwark, london bridge, waterloo. I went around London and took videos everywhere.


Overall this project was really fun! I enjoyed this brief very much, I liked how I was able to film and direct. And come up with an idea and was able to execute it through a film. My first film failed, I was quite used because I loved the idea, however, I didn’t have the right location and I couldn’t edit the room to make it look futuristic, but I did try on after effects but it kept failing me. So I came up with this new concept and I enjoyed this concept more.I liked the fact that I went around London shooting because London had some elements that would remind viewers what it was like 50 years back. If I could improve I would create more funny scene and try not to drag the movie on for too long.


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