Ticket Master Summative

Finally ticket master’s summative is here and we had to pitch to ticket masters. The is my first time pitching to a client. And I really enjoyed it even though I was nervous I was glad that I could communicate my idea clearly to my client. And I was also having fun while presenting.

This is my final Summative presentation.

FestivalBus Summative F

For my Final summative, I did more than five visuals, I created  a website of what it could look like. And what it would look like on social Media. I feel like for this brief, I have successfully created a idea that could sell more tickets and give customers a great experience too. I also enjoy creating this idea, I feel like I’m a customer of ticket master too, it is appealing to me and my mates. I did alot of research on festivals and from my research I was able to have knowledge from it and come up with the Bus idea that could sell more tickets with no money as the promotion will be done through customers and their experience. For next time, I would continue this brief by creating a promotional video as it would be people jumping on the bus one by one and then they start singing and at the end reflect it online to the website with the virtual bus.


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