Script Writing

After having a final idea, which is:

A romance set in the future. Where apple will be ruling the world with its i technology. My title is iLove. The romance is between a human and a piece of technology. For my protagonist, it falls in love with an iPhone. The scene will first set in the main character’s room of her feeling upset wanting to kill herself because she can’t live without the phone. However, at the start, the iPhone will not be realeved as an iPhone but I will direct it like its a human. There will be flashbacks in the film and at the end of the film it will repeat the first two scene of time between the two lovers but in the protagonist point of view as the first few scenes are from the iPhone point of view. I want some comedy elements in my film as I do not want the film to be serious.

My idea is showing how technology is advancing so much. And the future it will be invaded by technology. And people will be relying so much on technology and people could not live without any technology no more.

My next step is to do script writing. I remember my last script writing was in year 7 where I had to do creative writing and that’s a very long time ago. I did some research into script writing. Here are some links of examples and advice I found useful:

These examples are genres I have explored in my ideas.

For this brief I will be collaborating with a media student which he would help me in filming.

This is my first draft of my script.



I then altered my script because I found an actor who is also supporting me in my filming process. As I want to film myself because I know what I want the audience to see. I really had fun writing the script, I also showed a film tutor my script, he suggested I take some practice recording on my phone as my story seemed complicated. And I should change the script layout as it is difficult to read.




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