So we had to come up with at least two ideas.

I did some research on existing festival bus that people travel on. This bus is a very flexible bus suitable for public as they stop at certain places and people can just hop on whenever.


I looked into this because I love the visual because it looks very festival. This website clearly states out the main point a customer would want to see. For example first one is to buy tickets and win.

My first idea was about a festival bus. I didn’t have any clue about music festival so I did some primary researched and asked my mates about festivals in general. I looked at festival bus and they said people usually travel by bus/coach. Therefore I wanted to use this as a way to increase sales if ticket masters could pay for the customers travel. Travel is expensive too, therefore, having free travel with an expensive ticket could just save customers money with travel. To do this I wanted the customers to have fun, engage and get in the festive spirit before and continuously throughout the festival season.

Festival Bus.jpg

This is my mood board, I collected images that relate to my idea. I want to create an artistic bus so the public would know it’s a festival bus and is also a way to promote the company. In my mood board you can see people enjoying and singing because, for my idea, the customers would have to create a virtual bus musical session with their mates, friends or family. And the more they invite on the virtual bus we create online the more chance they will win something such as a luxury free travel to the festival with a bed etc.  So my idea is about sharing which is quite popular on social media as people always retweet, share things they like or tag to enter a competition. So I would like this opportunity to sell tickets and to promote the company. This is also a way for the customers to enjoy the brand and allow them to not think ticket master is just a commercial brand selling tickets but it creates opportunities for customers to have more incentives, unlike ticket masters competitors. This is also a way to sell more tickets. First Concept Festival Bus.jpg

This is my first visual but then I changed it.

First Concept Festival Bus1 2.jpg

I didn’t like the font so I changed it to something for free hand and fun.

First Concept Festival Bus22.jpg

This is my visual which sums up my idea in one sentence. ‘record a karaoke session of you and your mates on our virtual bus of a song at any upcoming festival.’ Who ever joins a bus must be a customer who already brought the ticket.

First Concept Festival Bus3.jpg

This would be the inside view of the bus.

So instead to Festival Guru, it would be Festival Bus. A new campaign that will make buying tickets more enjoyable.

My target audience is aimed at everyone, the virtual bus is not aimed at a certain genre, the customers create content and genre on their own bus in which they create.

Channel I would use is the website Ticketmaster already have. And we could just promote on social media and the blog.

The investment cost shouldn’t be much compared to a number of people that buy tickets as it is only a bus.


My second idea was :

Festival Bags.

This was a research I looked into. And looking at the types of bag.


There’s another article about people buying cheap tents and then leaving it at the festivals once it was done. Which creates a lot of rubbish and a mess. Therefore to encourage people to be environmentally friendly, they could use whatever they don’t want anymore and decorate their bag, from that they could have the chance to win some incentives such as upgrading their tickets to VIP.

Festival Bag art.jpg

This is my mood board. I have gathered images of what people bring to the festivals. I also looked in bags that have been recycled and they look very vintage and creative bright.


This is my first visual.second-concept-festival-bag-art1

I then added texted to explain the concept. It’s all about recycling your old items to decorate your bag which will also be an advantage for the customers as they will not loose their bag due to the decoration.


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