Within this term we have a film brief too!

I’m quite excited for this brief. The length of the short film must be 3 minutes maximum. we first would have to think about a story then write a script, look for locations and actors, create a mood board, draw a storyboard, shoot and edit the short film. We also have the options to pick our own Genres:

  •  Horror
  •  Comedy
  •  Romance
  •  Sci-Fi
  • Musical
  • The time periods are only the past or the future.

I have been away for two weeks and now I have to catch up with this project. I came up with some ideas. I have been watching a lot of movies recently to help to stimulate ideas and I was also watching the way how the movies were being filmed as the way a director shoot movie is an important part of an element to allow viewers to feel a certain way.


I came up with an idea, my first one is about romance in the future. As we know the future will be invaded by technology. Therefore I want to create a film about what romance would be like in the future. I watched a film called Equals, a utopia film where your not allowed to have feelings or touch etc. I was quite inspired by the film as it felt like a film that is based in the future. My first idea:

  • Two point view of a man and woman on one screen
  • A perspective of a phone or a laptop (Romance int he future, instead with a human it will be with technology)
  • Doing funny things to make viewers laugh and expect it to be a human

I came up with a second idea inspired by these movies:


A paranoid horror movie. I have also been watching movies such as The Girl on the train. There’s a back story to the protagonist and it is revealed at the end. There was also a horror movie I watched called the Shrooms. Spoiler alert the killer was the protagonist itself. She thought it was someone else but it was just herself thinking there was killer this was also caused due to taking magic mushrooms.

For my idea, the content would be about a character who experienced a past trauma and she’s paranoid thinking someone is coming to chase her or kill her. But it’s actually herself haunting herself. Maybe setting it in the past would seem more realistic because in the past generations it was more strict and traditional unlike now everything is freer.


My third idea is similar to my second idea a its about running. For this I want to make it a comedy.  I want the ending to catch the audience off guard. The ending will be different and not what the viewers expect. For example :

  • The main character running
  • Have people look like they are running to catch him
  • end up in a shop to get the latest gadget etc





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