Festival Spirit

Back from the Christmas holidays, with a tube strike on the first day of uni, what a great start! foreshadowing we need to move forward no matter how hard uni gets. We met out client: TicketMasters. They briefed us on our first brief.

The briefing was two hours long, with a lot of information that we had to absorb which was about the company, their previous campaign’s (Festive Guru), their aim etc. Then we were brief to create a campaign for the festivals, that will run roughly for three- four months. Which I think will be a difficult task because you would have to think thoroughly and find an idea that will be engaging, fun and interesting.

So to start off with this brief I did some research into festivals as I have never been to one.


This website shows all the festivals that are out there. There are different types of festivals suiting different demographics.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 19.35.31.png

I like this part of the website as you hoover through a block it informs the audience what festivals there is. I also like the icon at the side with a ticket icon as it also informs the audience about tickets. It’s a quick and catchy way of communicating that the website is an informative website, telling audiences about different festivals.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 19.38.16.png

This menu bar has all the information for a festive virgin festive, which is a demographic in the brief.

I did some research onto ticket masters too. They have their own blogs which increased their revenue. They do a lot of activities with bands and engage audience in the activities, which gives opportunities for the audience to have incentives such as upgrading their ticket to VIPS.

Their previous campaign was festive Guru. Which they used a Sikh man doing festive things. They also created a game in which I tried. I couldn’t understand the game, and I kept failing. It was something short and annoying. I felt like their campaign with festive guru was a bit odd and I understood why they needed something different.

Ticket master is a big company selling tickets for gigs, festival, theatre etc. There are similar companies such as StubHub. Which is also Ticket masters competition. They are quite a business focus and don’t have any campaigns like Ticket Masters which makes them stand out. However, they also blog which reminds me of ‘Things to do in London’ website because it tells the public what they can do over the weekend etc.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 18.16.22.png



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