Presentation for Creative Collabration (Summative)


This is my final presentation for this creative collaboration.

This collaboration has been a very long journey, and to be honest I haven’t felt like it was a real collaboration. I did all the work by myself as my partner left me with all the work on top of my other brief. I just felt like I was branding for a building. This term has been very stressful, it has led me to feel that I cannot talk to my tutors about my work as they will be give feedback and I would feel like I won’t be able to use the feedback because of the lack of time and the amount of work I have to do.

However what I enjoyed about this collaboration is that I was doing what I enjoy which is branding and designing. This brief is different because I’m branding for a building. I felt like I could of done better with a stable partner from the beginning. On the Other hand, I felt like my work has become more professional in a way compare to my first years work.

Ive realised the difficulties of working in a team and to be prepared for things going against you. Ive learnt how to deal with these problems and to always have a plan B.



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