Hoarding design One Vision

For one Vision Hoarding I came up with many techniques but there weren’t any strong ideas. While I was with my partner juliet, we came up with techniques such as pushing a puzzle door into a room, and once you enter the room you will pop your head up and you will see a 360 of the site.

I really like that technique, so I had to start to think of ideas, I thought to unlock the door on the hoarding, you will have to unpuzzle the lock which will have the logo. As you can see the logo is three hexagon puzzle together. So the lock will have the three hexagon, unlocked. Once they’ve unlocked the door they will enter this room, which will have a information machine.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 20.54.12.png

This machine will produce paper cards with information about elephant and castle history and also about One vision.

This is the hoarding design:

Final Hoarding designs.jpg

This design, is similar to my website with the white background, I want to make sure my website, hoarding and brochure have the same colour scheme, and theme. On the hoarding there will be a section where the public can draw, write anything on. This is to bring communities together, and it’s also another way to show off peoples creativity and talent. Showing what elephant and castle is really like, creating a whole community brand. This is a way for the public to brand elephant and castle.

Second Step of hoarding.jpg

The second part to the hoarding, is a room, where there will be plain solid colours of puzzle pieces, and the audiences can write one word that represents themselves. Or the public could create a collage and draw on the pieces. This activity is also a way to tell the public what one vision means. And the meaning behind the brand and theme of my whole branding. Which is that every piece of a puzzle represents an individual and the One Vision is bringing all the pieces together.

The last room, will be where the public would have the chance to pop their head up in a whole, and they will see a 360 view of the accomplished site.

This shows the process, however I still have not received any final renders as the architecture summative is a week after ours. So I feel like this has not been a real collaboration, it doesn’t feel like one either, because most of my images are placeholder images and this really upsets me the fact that I can’t use any renders ready to be put into my work.


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