Interactive brief- Feedback

Last week, We had a very special guest from the workers who won the IK Price in 2014 with their after dark project. From my last formative, I decided to focus on my second idea ‘Fill me.’ The concept is kicking the shape into their correct space to complete artist pieces. In the beginning of our lesson, Tommaso Lanzan our special guest showed us some of his project he was doing, and I found every piece of work he is doing interesting as they were all interactive. It was a different approach to advertising, you don’t always have to be 2D, you can also advertise through interaction.

We all then had the chance to show Tommaso our work, so when I went up, he really liked my idea, how simple it is and how it’s interesting because it engages audiences. After hearing the feedback I felt encouraged. He also suggested that the interactive idea doesn’t only have to be specifically for an artist, it could be for all different works, with this idea I can adapt to different artist pieces, by looking at different artists forms, shape, colour etc.

Here are some mocks up of what the room will look like.

Interactive Room1.jpg

This is one of Anwar Shemza pieces. I wanted simple shapes, as these are the basic shapes everyone knows, it will be easier for kids to learn as they would recognise the shapes.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.24.41.pngAnother piece of Anwar shemza. I used his different sizes of circles and colour.



Wireframe of the room in Maya


While creating this room. It was a long process because I wanted to create my own 3D room, therefore I downloaded Maya, and for a whole day I did tutorials in how to use Maya. But so far I can only create rooms, after creating the room it was hard for me to put texture on, so I decided to export it and colour it on photoshop, however it doesn’t look realistic therefore I’m only going to use the room to show how the interaction work. And for the presentation I am going to use a placeholder room image of Tate Britain and then insert my interactive visuals onto it.

When I was creating the shapes, I magic wand the shapes I needed from Anwar Shemza work, and copied and pasted the shapes onto a yellow rectangle which will be for the floor. All these will work with an interactive projector.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.24.07.png

I decided to create a logo for this project. The name ‘Fill Me’ is simple and short. The logo icon is simple too, showing a coloured shape half way through to the empty space. visualising the whole concept.

I started creating a video, a way to show how the interaction will work. I did my first recording, and I went on after effects and learnt the rool tool. Which crops out the background, when I did this, I didn’t have the chance to book out a green room so I made sure my character wore dull colours so wheen we went to record at a white background, this way there would be a contrast between the background and the clothes and this would mean it would be easier to crop my character out. While I was doing this, it lagged so much, I showed my tutor but he said I could try and improve it by letting the character look like he is not floating. Therefore I recorded again, and from this time I had a better insight knowing how to make my character walk, and was able to do things better. For this interaction brief I wanted to show visuals but not just stills, it allowed me to push myself to learn a new software in which I really enjoyed and getting in hand with.

This video was my latest shoot, I didn’t really like  then end  because you could see at the end I combined two videos together, there was a big jump between the time of his final kick and the time when he turned around. So to improve on this I decided on my final video, between the two time I am going to add an animation of a question mark, to create a suspense feeling.

So in this video, you will see how I solved my problem.

This video shows me playing with after effects. So the sentence is ‘just slide’, and you will see the word is sliding too.



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