Brochure – one vision

I started creating my brochure. One Monday Brian showed us some of his brochure work that he has done with various customers. There was one that I particularly like was with four seasons. I loved the cover design, he created a box, and within this box had four brochure about different Villas. The box is where you would put it on your kitchen table because it looks luxury, expensive and when your drinking you could open the box or you could show it off. He taught us every little thing you see such as movements could inspire you to come up with an idea. Such as when he was at a golf club, he saw a person throwing his keys on the table which lead him to his brochure idea.

I was very inspired by this and really loved his work.

So I did some research on brochures and most of them were filled with images of the site.

Here were some that I really liked.



I found this ravesnbourne brochure randomly online, and I love it because it relates to the material of the building. It’s different and looks 3D. I want a similar type of brochure. I want to create a brochure wallet and the front will be like a puzzle piece. And in the wallet,you will have images of the market and the housing because I want to engage audiences, and with these photos, you can stick them on your wall, it would be a piece of motivation and something to look forward to while staying at your old home.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 20.00.21.png

This will be my brochure cover, and I also printed one out to see whether this template which I created myself to see whether this design would work out.

I finalised it and created little booklets within it, here are the finals.


These will be the size of A5, these will have images on the inside, a summary about each of the three main departments. I used the shape of a hexagon but tried not to be too cliche, or make it look like I’m branding for a honey company, so I added wood texture as the site will be made out of Cyprus wood. I also want potential customers to know what the wood will feel like.


Final brochure presentation.jpg

I came up with an interactive idea for the appointment card. I thought to create an cut out of the logo, where the public could play around with the three puzzle pieces. I was inspired by this.




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