The Photography’s Gallery

Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s

Today I went to the photography’s Gallery in Oxford Circus. This gallery was all about feminism, I enjoyed the gallery because the photographs were shot well, and every series told a bold story.


One of my favourite pieces is by a photographer called Helena Alemida, You can see series of photographs of hands holding onto doors, without showing the face or any other features. She likes to experiment with her own images, exploring different ways of the relationship between the human body and its surrounding space. she has series of photographs of hands clasped around doors, metal grilles which are in her response to Almeida’s feelings of the artistic isolation under the Portugual dictatorship, which concluded to cutting off the country. This photo is destabilising the concept of representational space. From my interpretation, I also see married females are indoors, trapped and the only thing they can place out is their hand to open the door.


Here is some other work that I looked at and really liked.

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Another artist I really liked was Penny Slinger, I like the fondness for surrealism. The work I looked at is a photographic series ‘Wedding Invitation 2’ (Art is just a Piece of Cake, 19773) The artist is dressed as a bride wearing her own wedding cake. Which is designed to open and revealing the artist’s naked body inside. The meaning of cutting the cake represents the deflowering of the wedding night. The work explores the links between the pleasure and the body as well as between nourishment and sexuality.

I like her surrealism work, it is very eye catching, and the photographs are readable. Overall I enjoyed the gallery, you see stereotypes of females and how the photographers showed it in a very explicit way. I like the top floor gallery about this person who used to be a teacher but a naked picture of her was leaked, and in the gallery, it showed a video of her trying to get back her reputation.



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