Me and Juliet we came up with some ideas for the London Site.

We came up ideas for hoarding design. I thought of giving the London Site a Puzzle theme, where each piece of a puzzle metaphorically is an individual in the community, and the site is where it brings each piece of the pieces together to  complete one puzzle. From this concept, we came up with ideas such as having the hoarding like a puzzle and once you find the door you enter this room which has a 360 view of the site.

We came up with other ideas such as having an information machine, where you press a button and you get a card where it tells you  information about elephant and castle and the site.

Other ideas such as drawing on the hoarding, inspired by a hoarding in Croyden, where people draw and design whatever they like, even till now. Also other ideas such as where audiences can pop their head through the roof and they see a 360 view of the site.


So on Tuesday I had my first formative for the collaboration brief. I and Juliet presented our the architectures proposal and we also talked about our ideas. It went pretty well and our tutors liked our ideas, they also gave us a feedback for the London site which was to combine all our ideas into one. And they also liked the idea of a digital aquarium in the car park, it gives a Brighton theme into the luxury building (LUXE).

I also had my formative on Wednesday for my interaction brief. My ideas are based on Anwar Shemza work in the Tate Britain. I really like his work as he uses the abstraction of shapes. I came up with the idea of creating a multi interaction place based on shapes. My concept is ‘shape with me.’ I did in-depth research into projected technology where people can interact with.

My first idea is where the public enters the room, they will see a big projection with the artist work in the middle, and in front of the big screen, there is a tablet where the public has the chance to create their own pattern with the existing material used.


Another idea is for the audience to interact with the floor by kicking the shapes into the correct shapes. once it is in the right shape, it will fill the painting and you can complete the next painting. My purpose is for kids, adults and family to enjoy and engage, making learning more fun and interactive this way information are easier absorbed.

This is my powerpoint showing, my research and pieces that inspired me.


I was also given feedback, my tutor thought my second idea was stronger and maybe I can add some object onto the floor, which can create more movements and interactions. Shown in the youtube video :






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