Our ‘HUH’session.

I looked into some media channels that are open to development. Such as websites by Two Fifty-One apartment.  They have a bright organised formal website informing about the building, they show images of the apartment and the facilities there which are used to engage potential customers.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 17.10.00.png

They also have a brochure which I think is successfully made, as they have all information for potential customers, informing them what is around the area and a map showing London’s tourist area such as the Shard, Europes tallest building. I also liked the compass around the building, it gives a better insight into the area. I feel like it is done really well, it’s not confusing to following.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 13.51.37.png

I also researched onto Hills open media channels. They have a luxury websites and brochures. They have an interactive poster in which you can view online.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 17.23.37.png

I love the layout, I like how they highlight the summary of each page in yellow, differentiating the main information for extra information.

There are also buildings with massive posters over it. But mainly the posters are of other ads for films etc. Here are some cool ads that collabs with building designs that are very cool!


I really like how these advertisement are not limited with its self, and how it is so open and are able to work with buildings. Which kind of reminds me of this project as we advertising student and collaborating with architecture students.



In class, we came up with ideas with our partners for this project. We had to find something about our locations and come up with whacky ideas for it. So for the London location, I was working with Kashan and Lea. We noticed that Elephant and Castle didn’t have many social areas or places for communities to get together, all there really is a club ministry of sounds which are for young people, which is a part of the communities in the area. So we decided to come up ideas for a Library as there used to be one but it got burnt down. So we came up with many ideas such as a rooftop library. This could be a unique element, about the apartment. We came up with many other ideas such as having hammocks on the rooftop, a recycle book exchange library, have a library with different sections that are differentiated by the colours of the selves, shapes, patterns etc. Then we had ideas such as having night time stories for kids and adult, a discussion debate sessions. But then we also came up with crazy ideas such as having books on the side of the staircase, Glow in the dark library, a VR library, 7D Hologram library or even an underground library, making it historic, fun and adventurous as every time you go down you need to bring a torch, seems quite sinister.


We then had to find our ‘HUH’ moment. Which was for people to come and socialise then we had to pick one whacky idea and expand on it.


The one whacky idea we chose was the one where there will be an interactive room. A room where there will be a storyteller in the middle, as they are reading there will be jpeg images relating to the story around the room, to engage audiences into the story, making storytelling more fun and interesting. There will be different events happening within this room. One event would be having a debate session, this way the residents can have the chance to socialise. There would also be workshops for people wanting to learn to read, write etc. Within this room it is also going to be interactive, there will be a tablet for everyone to have the chance to draw and create their own story, giving them the chance to be creative.

We then had to do a formal presentation in front of the class, which I really enjoyed, gave me the chance to practice for the future. Overall this task was really fun and engaging, gave me the chance to come up with ideas, and the chance to show the architecture group, and we could combine our ideas together.

I then did more of this activity with Juliet. Here are my notes.


This idea was for the London site as well. It’s quite similar to the library. Our ‘HUH’ moment was also for people to come together to socialise. We also noticed there weren’t much socialising places. Therefore we came up with the idea of a Rooftop garden. We came up with ideas such as having a bar but this would be suitable for certain residents, not for kids. We also thought of making a theme park, having a ride that goes around the building but then we thought it may disturb certain residents and may not be suitable. We came up with many ideas and some were already existing such as there are rooftops cinemas, pub and garden. But then we thought why not put all these into one. So have a Rooftop Graden with a cinema, kitchen, golf and a park. This way there are more options for the residents they are not restricted to one activity. This way I think people have more opportunities to socialise.

In the cinema, there will be different movies everyday suggested by the residents. It could be a 4D cinema, making the cinema more attractive and intriguing.

For Golf, there would be competition every week, it will be decorated differently for different occasions.

The kitchen is the opportunity for people from a different culture to teach their food. A fun way to learn differently about a different culture.

The park would have bungee jumping, swings, a place to relax and talk.

We then came up with ideas for our other site, Brighton. We came up ideas to re-design the Car park, as it looks ugly, it doesn’t blend in with Brighton. We thought to have a game theme, as there is an arcade, so this could liven up the environment. Or a course learning theme, having the tracks look sophisticated. Or maybe create a quiz, at the entrance and whoever gets all the answers right get an hour free stay because from research many customers believe parking is expensive. Also, we came up plans such as giving customers for a meal, or tokens for the pier etc, as this way we could attract customers.

We then decided to develop an idea of creating an aquarium theme. So the car park is an underground aquarium. There will be arrows directing where the cars to go to, as the speed limit inside would be very slow, as people are more likely to be fascinated by the aquarim therefore it won’t cause any clashes or traffic.



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