Hackmasters Workshop

On the third week of our interaction lesson, we had a workshop with hackmasters. They do futuristic work involving technology. They showed us some cool new ideas evolving around technology such as new type of materials that adapts to the body’s temperature. Really exciting new ideas. Here are some photos of the day:

Within this session, we had a little teaser of what it is like being a hack master, we did a few intense tasks that made us brainstorm. We came up with different ideas in our groups, and different existing technology then categorising them into three categories. Core, Adjacency and transformational. We then had to choose one technology and try connecting it with our idea. Me, Anya, Bell and Lea was in one group, group one, our theme was power and utilities.

We had to look at what technology has changed. For example, phones are usually charged by a USB cable, now there is contactless charging. I had one idea which was that there could be power on the wall, so as you touch the phone on the wall, it will charge. Apparently, this idea is already being worked on, as they are testing out how wi-fi could cover the whole space. We also talked about how everything is scanned by humans, now there are self-service machines. Last year TFL implemented a lot of self-service machine and many employees was made redundant, and there was a big strike. We can see how technology has a big impact on people lives.

At the end, we had to choose one idea in the group and present it. We used my idea which was initially about creating energy in the house by moving and pressure. We thought of combining panels into the floor. And also in the main roads for cars. Why we wanted to create this is because, because people take power for granted now, they will see how important it is. Doing this also creates a healthy lifestyle, as technology developing predicts that it will cause people to fall lazily, therefore, we want to help people with the lifestyle, even disable people can travel around in their wheelchair. After pitching our idea we had some feedback such we can expand it to the public such as for kids, kids playground etc, instead it being private.

Overall, this was a really exciting workshop, but a bit exhausting and long.  It had my brain working, as we was working under time, and kept moving from task to task, but it made me think and come up with ideas without boundaries, it felt soothing and nice to do.


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