Third week:

On our third week, we had a really interesting lesson as usual. Brian wanted us to learn how to present our ideas. Our first task was to get into groups of the three location (Three locations from our Collaboration Brief.) In our groups, we did research as a team and noted down our findings on a big A2 piece of sheet. From this task, collaborating and working in groups is faster and more efficient, we have the chance to hear other people’s opinion and their say. Even though I have done most of my research, I still learned and got something new from today’s lesson.


After lunch, Brian showed us two ads, the first one was a good ad by Nike, and the other one was a primary schools flyer inviting parents to a quiz and chips night.

He gave us thirty minutes to recreate the bad ad into something better.

Here is my final piece.


For this piece I tried to incorporate, a two meaning object, like using some of the bulbs lines as chips. Because a bulb is a thinking icon, which relates to when you’re at a quiz. I also used chips as the outside crown trying to tell the audience, there are prices for being 1st and 2nd at the quiz. I made the info really small because I want the poster to be clean, and I differentiated the last sentence from the other because it has important information such as the tickets pricing and freebies.

Overall this take gave me the opportunity to get a feel what it is like working in the industry. Time is very important, sometimes you will be under pressure, and need to complete a piece in a certain time.





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  1. Brian says:

    well done


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