What I Love and What I Hate

On our first week back, we were given homework which was to bring in something we love and hate for the next lesson. For this task, I brought in two pieces of tube ads.

For this piece, I strongly dislike it because I feel this ad looks blend, and the colours used do not harmonised unless the designer purposely wanted the typography colour to stand out from the background. I feel like the writings are too simple, and there’s loads of information in one font and size which makes it very boring. The background is also odd it reminds me of Eastenders. I really dislike the layout too, overall I feel like it doesn’t harmonise together. But then today Brian told us we should see from the audience perspective, by being in the audience shoe. Clearly, this ad is not aimed at me, more for parents. Maybe the ad uses boring types because the ad is about education, so being too fancy or creative will be out of content and also will be a different tone of voice. The title is also good, it engages the audience, and it’s very informative. The long writing is also okay because tube journeys duration are longer, so having a long informative description is suitable then saying ads outside the tube.

The second ad I brought in is for TFL.

I really love TFL posters, it makes me feel comforted and satisfied, because without looking at the text, the visual already talks and the audience already knows what it means. What I really love about this poster is first how the people walking pass a luggage are in different tones of grey, and then the bag is in bright red which connotes danger and alertness. I like the contrast of the two, and the yellow background is also eye-catching, for every audience as this poster is an important message for the public.

Overall in this session, I learnt that nothing is wrong or right, you just need to be able to explain yourself, because every designer behind every advert have their way of designing and every target audience is different, sometimes we need to put ourselves into the audience shoes. We need to appreciate and also as designers we need to have empathy, being able to understand audiences point of view, instead of being stubborn and narrow-minded. I really enjoyed today session, given me a better understanding when working in a company full of creatives with their own ideas.


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