Last Talk with Vidsy

Creating content brings all the elements together.

Task: Is to bring home shopping for the 21st century.

QVC: a programme for middle ages.

Content changes, new niche avenue.

Needs to be optimised for mobiles.

Facts under 25’s spend at least 2 and a half hours on facebook.

Need content to suit millennium.

Best media is to use portrait. No one consumer videos landscape anymore. Video content video, need to make sure it is square. Most shared content now is a comedy and fail videos. When creating content make sure you like it.

Frameworks, things have same formula but with the different scenario such as ‘Tasty’, They put graphics onto it because no one really read the comments. All they change is the ingredients.

When creating a framework, you will have to stick to it. Content needs to be short, catchy. Need to have sound off, keeping comedy is the important aspect. When creating content, its about having fun, and you need to like it.

I worked with Anya and Kaysharn in a group, we were given three products. One was a stress mushroom, chilli chocolate and a hyper lip.

At the end of the day, me and Anya we edited videos and kaysharn she created the facebook page. We formed a page called ‘ the things you need to chill with friends’ yes we know it’s a long name and we will change that. It was really fun making these videos, I feel like we should have more of these workshops. I learnt more about using facebook as a media platform, what is required when uploading videos, why it’s important to upload videos directly via Facebook, instead of using a youtube share link. Here is a link to our videos:

Overall I found this workshop very helpful especially it’s very relatable to our self-initiated brief, after creating content, Archie he gave us some feedback on our videos on how to improve and how we could have done an extra 10% to complete our story. He said for each our video we need a consistency formula. We then showed him our CRC comedy page and he gave us some advice :

-We need to be pacier
-There’re some unnecessary scenes that we can fast forward from 10 frames of just a makeup box could just become 1 frame.
-We could have our shots at a different angle, maybe zoom into facial expression. Just be more flexible with shots.

But he thought overall we had good content which also encouraged us, he said to gain followers, we need to consistently upload content, to engage audiences.

This was also an important talk for our self-initiated project, as we were posting content online, trying to entertain people, trying to sell ourselves.


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