Ferran López – Creative Director

Today we had a Creative director Ferran to come in.

He talked about himself, and his journey as a kid going to three different schools because he didn’t like it. His parents used to work in a fabric factory for Cortex and Iriscom. He saw them work in a boring environment with an ugly business logo, which encouraged him to study advertising. He came to London in 2002 while at the university. He believed direct marketing was the start of advertising. Once he graduated he worked for DDB. He did works for Audi adverts and then did production on Volkswagen campaigns. He then moved back to Barcelona as a copywriter, from then he joined DoubleYou in which he worked his way up as a Creative Director. He worked on a variety of projects such as creating a very big website for a theme park in which he describes as scaring people were funnier than to be scared. He then travelled for 5 months, and he did his own personal project after moving back due to breaks up, family illness. He came up with an idea – Confession, a sexual confession project, afterwards he did illustrations and wrote books for his friend and his girlfriend 30th birthday. After finding out he was going to be broke he started free lancing again with agencies.

Throughout his talk, he gave us a list of Ferrans Wisdom, of what he learnt throughout his life experiences.

Here is a list of ‘Ferris Wisdom’ that he gave us as advice:

Ferrans wisdom

‘It’s not cheating if they deserve it.’

‘If you feel you’re about to fail, better fail big. And learn a lesson.

Life is just a story you tell yourself, you can’t change the writer but you can change the genre.

Before you go back to your parents, make sure you have a solid out plan.

You won’t need much savings to dedicate a year to yourself

Always start by ‘why’ not ‘what’. Do this with everything in life.

Success if inversely proportional to the amount of hair you keep.

The only constant changes.

Don’t over the plan, just simply look forward.


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