BBC- Andy Taylor

Today’s first talk was by Andy Taylor, (BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra), He created his own job title which is Head of movies of gaming and media. Which is what he has always wanted to do and which is also seem to be the most successful thing to achieve. He started working at BBC in 2000 as a Talent Trainee. From a talent trainee, he worked his way up by learning and observing, doing what he likes and adapt to what he learned within the company.

He talked about how BBC1 has become a youth brand. He introduced gaming genre to BBC1
He then showed us some statics about BBC1 and 1XTRA:

  • Radio ratio 1: 11 million listeners, ‘43% of 15-24’
  • 3 million on YouTube
  • 3 million on iPlayer per month
  • 1Xtra has 1 million listeners with an average age of 21

He then talked about his experience and gave us some good and bad thing about his job.

The positive thing about working with BBC:

  • You can create and make new things every day.
  • It’s all about creating and making things, not all of money making and being profitable.
  • You can work with talented people.
  • you can explore with BBC, have opportunities to go incredibly places, events and moments.

The negative thing:

  • The celebrities don’t do steps ( Like Jennifer Lopez, she couldn’t take steps to go down)
  • Publicists are hard to deal with
  • When it’s good it’s the presenter, when it goes bad it’s the producer
  • Politics
  • Justify Content
  • Constant Change

The ugly side of working :

  • Unresponsive or untalented ‘talent’
  • Bad Management
  • Public service broadcasting under threat
  • Compliance can go wrong very quickly
  • unsociable hours
  • limited opportunities to progress


He then gave us some advice:

It’s about what you know, not who you know. Don’t think about it. Do it.

Work at the highest level possible, then build.

Be prepared to be flexible and for your goals to change as constant is change.

Find how you can network

Working in media is about people and content

To survive you need to smile, don’t be in awe with anyone especially yourself.


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