Movement- Talk by AM

Our second talk of the day is by the account manager of a company called Movement , they are a mobile forward digital agency. They believe mobile are everything, and whatever they design or do must be at least include the element of mobiles.

She gave quite an interesting moving touching talk, she started of about her life and then gave us 4 points in which she followed throughout her career in which we should also remember too:

-Don’t be afraid to say say NO
-Know your value
-Plan your goals

She then talks about Account managers, theirs three different type, one is a pro-agency, pro-client and one in between.  Two different type of clients, one knows digital and the others don’t know digital but has a strong opinion about it. There is infinite types of creatives, which each all have their own way and style. Also one type of developer that always says no or give them some time.

Account managers are very important within a company, they deal with budget and also with clients, they may not be creative but they have experiences in knowing what is creative and not as they would usually spend a great amount of time with creatives. But they also calm down creatives with big crazy ideas which is also important.

The company also designed the new coco-cola campaign website called Karma.


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