First Industry Talk : WWE

On our first industry talk, we had our first guest Giancarlo Bernini, a senior director for commercial marketing for the WWE. He led the talk about the company and how it markets to reach audience within north america and also internationally.

The key value of WWE and audience: is to entertain family. From the beginning they were rated PG, then slowly it became more suitable for younger audience and then now to a family entertainment sport.

Here is a list of WWE Main value which each network, brand focuses on:

-Pro Social
-Fan engagement
-Family friendly

He also gave us some staticics.

in two years WWE got 1.82 million subscribbers and 25 million downloads on app, 720+million followers across all platforms. These are all humongous numbers. They use social media to direct their auidences to their app, which is what social media is really use for, to inform and a platform to direct audience back to what companies want them to see.

On youtube they are no1 Sports channel with 8bilions views on youtube. Every Monday they also host series of matches which appear at 1am in the morning in the UK.  And their biggest event is called wrestle mania that happens every year and every time when the event occurs, it is the most read news on the daily mail. This shows how popular WWE is.They also use celebrities in order to advertise for WWE, such as in the starts of their trailers there were celebrities saying they are big fans of WWE. Also one scenario with Wayne Rooney appearing on WWE Raw and slaps Wayde Barrett was one of the biggest most viewed news, while watching a mini trailer, it did quite excited me too.

They are also still expanding hoping to expand internationally and also in design wise such as maybe using VR, using for high technology programs. Overall what I understood from the talk and which really engaged me was how they use social media to lead the conversation, engage, inform and announce. In which I will find useful when doing the self-initiative brief as we would have to put our ideas out there and gain views, likes and follows.




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