Vidsy Projct :Post office

Today we had ex-student from Ravensbourne who now works in Vidsy. He came to talk to us about his experience, and what the company does. It’s a company that creates opportunities for students to create video content for some of the biggest brands around. Such as I had the opportunity to work with Post office.

The Brief:

Post Office // #BeAHero

Post Office are one of the biggest supporters of BBC Children In Need and this year is no different! We’re looking for 6-second videos which show that everyone has the ability to support Children In Need and #BeAHero. 

Supporting BBC Children In Need with the purchase of a badge is about showing that everyone can be a hero with a simple and easy gesture. The content we are creating is about showing that wearing the badge will bring out your inner hero!

I worked in a group, and we came up with some ideas which are shown underneath.


We picked three of our ideas.

1st (1)

This was our first idea, a person finding a pound on the floor and then as she picks up the coin it turns into the Pudsey badge, which then turns her into a superhero. The second idea is of a friend who asks money from another, and as her friend offers some coins she takes a pound, then it turns into a badge, which then the friend gets jealous of and takes the money back which makes her into a superhero. (2)

Our third idea is about a person giving a pound to a homelessness and as the pound drops it turns into a badge and as the homeless collects all her coins, it then turns her into a hero.

This brief was very interesting and fun, It gave me the opportunity to practice my film editing skills. At the end, we also receive creative payments.


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