Week 2: Advertisiment

On the second week of university, I had a lecture about Advertisement on concepts & visualisation of a great ad led by Stuart Blake.

Here are the mains points that I learnt, that builds a great ad:

1) Planning; based on research of the product and the USP

(Unique selling point, a statement that identifies your profile, who you are and it also identifies a feature of your product/service that stands out from the rest, and their competitors.)

2) Come up with a strategy, why should people care about your USP.

3) Execute, another way of saying is creating it. What will your ad look like, and what is exciting about it

Stuart also gave us an example of Avis and Hertz. How Avis put these three main points into practice. Avis didn’t really have a USP against Hertz but  the fact they were No 2 to Hertz, they wanted to emphasise more on that, enabling them to challenge Hertz.


Avis enables a strategy which was :


A strategy that touched people. They said ‘We try harder,’ shows that they’ve got the hustle to make sure customers are served better. Which is different to what Hertz was advertising. Hertz panic and  responded with a poster explaining why they were No 1. Which I think is quite a good response.


Developing a USP is important for a company and is often exposed to advertisement and often comes out in the strapline or slogan just like the example above, Avis ‘We try harder.’

Afterwards, Stuart gave us two briefs to look at, then in thirty minutes we had to come up with many ideas as possible then present them to the class.


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