Week1: Copy Writing with Stuart Blake

Definition: Copy writing is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. This text is known as “copy.”


In my first week, I met Stuart Blake, who is a copywriter, I learned the importance of copy writing and how to copy writing is not all about writing but its more about juggling and playing around ideas (primary) than words (secondary) based on brainstorms. For copywriters and designers they take a client’s advertising brief and from there they generate their own original ideas that aim to grab the target audience, which could include creating slogans, straplines, headings, scripts . Which are the keys of advertising? But first we must know the brand, for example, what type of market is that product marketing in? or whether the company is aiming at a niche or mass market, all these fundamental knowledge of business marketing is important in advertising, especially branding, not only companies should know their product and market but designers and copywriters should also know.

Secondly, Stuart also mentioned that we must understand how the brand or product fits into peoples life because if it doesn’t, then we won’t be able to reach our market audience as the product or brand we promote will have no correlation or relationship with them. Thirdly, we need to understand the differences between cheap and expensive brands; Lastly, we need to think thoroughly how we can make our straplines, slogans more memorable, just like the attachment of Nikey. I deliberately attached this picture because its a strapline that I can never forget because it’s short, simple and catchy similar to Burger’s King strap line ‘Have it your way, ‘ uses direct language that is also catchy and engaging.

Stuart then talked to us about his previous work and his experience as a copy writer. He showed us some of his work with companies such as DDA; which made me say ‘oh I get it.’  He then gave us a task to do which is in my next post!


Stuart Blake gave us a task which was to come up with a slogan, phrase or strapline etc. for ourselves to sell to a potential employer or to the opposite sex, no more than six words. Then we had to share our ideas at the end.

Afterward we individually came up with a strapline. At first, I was nervous and worried because I didn’t know how to brand myself, but at the end, I eventually did because I guess the answer was just with me, my name.

Here is my strapline :

To a potential employer: Jessicah with an H

Many people are named Jessica, just like my western name. However, what’s different about my name is that it ends with an H which you would rarely hear or see. This is to show the way I think is different from others (Maybe innovative). People could also perceive it as creativity in which I want to sell the most about myself as I’m a digital graphic student.

To the opposite sex : I’m Jess for you

Jess is my name shortened and is also homonym to just. This phrase is quite catchy, fun and memorable which is important when copy writing.


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